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Motorola Solutions R7 Premium

MOTOTRBO™ R7 is a digital portable two-way radio that offers loud, clear, and customisable audio in a rugged, dependable, and connected device. Its advanced audio processing ensures that your voice is always understood, while the rugged construction is ready for the toughest environments. Additionally, R7 comes equipped with the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity options meaning your devices are ready for tomorrow as your systems grow.


R7 Brochure


Loud and clear - By providing exceptional noise cancelling, loudness, and voice clarity, the MOTOTRBO R7 excels where audio communications can be challenging. R7 ensures your team can hear and be heard anywhere you operate, even in the noisiest environments.

Designed for business - Built rugged, developed for maximum uptime, and ready to connect your team, the MOTOTRBO R7 two-way radio is designed to perfectly meet the needs of your business. The R7 is tested to stringent military standards and is rated to IP66 and IP68 for maximum robustness, while built-in security features and over-the-air programming minimise device downtime.

Ready for tomorrow - Developed and produced for the communication needs of your team, the MOTOTRBO R7 features modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to keep your team connected now and in the future. Paired with a large colour screen and with connectivity to other systems enabled by MOTOTRBO systems, your team can be ready for today and connected when your systems change tomorrow.

Performance Characteristics

Frequency band
  • VHF, UHF
Power output
  • UHF 4W-1W 
  • VHF 5W-1W
Battery life (based on a 05 05 90 duty cycle)
  • 19 / 14.5 hrs 20 UHF
  • 20 / 15 hrs VHF
Audio output
  • 1 W / 3 W
Power supply
  • 7.5 V


PMAD4118AMotorola DP Series VHF Helical Antenna (152-174 Mhz)
PMAD4147A: Motorola VHF Whip Antenna (136-175 Mhz)
PMAD4120AMotorola DP Series VHF Downband Stubby Antenna (146-160 Mhz)
PMAE4071A: Motorola UHF Stubby Antenna (470-527 Mhz)
PMAD4121B: Motorola DP Series VHF 9cm Antenna (160-174 Mhz)


PMNN4809A: Motorola R7 Series 2850Mah LiIon battery
PMNN4810A: Motorola R7 Series TIA 3200Mah LiIon battery
PMNN4808A: Motorola R7 Series 2450Mah LiIon battery (Non Impress)
PMNN4807AMotorola R7 Series 2200Mah LiIon battery

Carry Accessories

PMLN8303A: Motorola Hard Leather Case 2.5 Inch Swivel Belt Loop R7 Non Display
HLN6602AMotorola Universal Chest Pack
PMLN8301A: Motorola Hard Leather Case 3 Inch Fixed Belt Loop R7 Display
PMLN8302A: Motorola Hard Leather Case 3 Inch Swivel Belt Loop R7 Non Display


NNTN7616DMotorola Chgr Imp Veh Ext EU
PMPN4576A: Motorola DP Impres Single US Chgr
PMPN4290A: Motorola Impres 6-Way Multi-Unit Charger with UK cord for radio or battery
PMPN4289A: Motorola Charger Desktop Multi-Unit Impres Display Ext PS 100-240VAC EU
NNTN8525A: Motorola DP TRBO Travel Chgr


PMLN8190AMotorola CLPe Surveillance Single Pin Earpiece
PMLN8337AMotorola 1 wire single earbud with earhook
PMLN8341A: Motorola 1 wire surveillance kit with loud audio translucent tube
PMLN8077A: Motorola CLPe Over the Ear Earpiece
PMLN8295A: Motorola 2 wire swivel loud audio earpiece wth eartip
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