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Option Board Software

The software is designed to work with both TRBOnet and Motorola's generic option boards. You can easily configure safety-related alarms such as Man Down or No Movement, use the Store and Forward technique for GPS data or even Geofencing alarms specific to this particular radio. It works seamlessly with TRBOnet Enterprise or Plus, but it can also run in the standalone mode.
TRBOnet or Generic option boards 
You can buy option boards from Neocom, or just purchase standard generic option boards from Motorola Solutions.

Support for all MOTOTRBO networks 
No matter what radio system you are using, you can take advantage of our software for option boards
Man Down
  • Calculates radio tilt angle
  • Adjustable threshold
  • Changeable timeout
  • Configurable alerts
No Movement
  • Based on acceleration
  • Adjustable timeout
  • Location-triggered
  • Configurable alerts
Crash Detect
  • Fast drop in acceleration
  • Adjustable timeout
  • Configurable alerts
  • Designed for bike drivers 
Lone Worker
  • Adjustable inactivity interval
  • Starts automatically
  • Location-based
  • Configurable alerts
  • Specific to each radio
  • Sends an alert immediately
  • Restricted/designated area
  • Sound alerts
  • Channels specific to regions
  • Changes the radio channel
  • Entering/leaving the area
  • Specific to each radio
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