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When conditions aren't reliable, you need antennas that are!

Through several decades of developing industry leading products for private and mission critical wireless networks, Amphenol Procom has build a very comprehensive product line that contains more than 7,000 products within 38 product types.

Amphenol Procom products are known for their high reliability as they undergo rigorous testing procedures before market release. Their test panel includes: temperature testing; pressure testing; vibration testing; performance testing - including PIM testing, dust and water testing, bend-testing, wind load testing and lightning testing.
Base Station Antennas 

Market's widest portfolio of reliable base station antennas for a wide range of network: Public Safety, LTE, GSM IoT and more.

Amphenol Procom's high quality combiner portfolio includes: Cavity combiners, Hybrid combiners, Tetra combiners, Multicouplers and more

Amphenol Procom wide range of filters include: duplex filters, band pass/reject filters. low/high band pass filters, Diplexer and Triplexers
Mobile Antennas

A full portfolio of vehicle mounted antenna with magnetic thru-hole and glass mount options.
Portable Antennas

Wide range of portable antennas for radio as well as body worn covert application.
LTE 4G/5G Antennas

Large range of endpoint device and network antennas for LTE, 4G and 5G
Marine Antennas

Amphenol Procom's range of products for maritime use extends across components.

Our DAS portfolio include indoor antennas, splitters, couplers, tappers and digital repeaters.

Comprehensive range of feeder cables and cable accessories.

Amphenol Procom’s world-leading antenna, DAS, and combiner and filter solutions are the only way to meet your customers’ uncompromising standards for reliable network performance.

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