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At Airsys we are leading the way in
secure instant communications

Here to grow your business

Offering effective support to both you and your business, Airsys Europe can help pave the way for leading growth and success.


Whether you need a quick delivery, a product repaired or professional services, our service teams are on hand to assist in the smooth operation of your business.


As a partner to Airsys you will have access to our unique set of value adds and a dedicated team who will provide support to you on all aspects in regards to your account.

One Stop Shop

With our one stop shop you can find everything you need in one location.


At Airsys Europe, we are more than just a distributor.

We are your partner, providing products, services and training, that are personally chosen by Airsys Europe, to empower your business.

Airsys appointed as a Motorola Solutions
Master Distributor
At Airsys are delighted to announce that we have been selected as a Motorola Solutions Master Distributor for this 446 portfolio across the region (EMEA).

We hold the biggest stock of 446 products in Europe in our two physical locations (UK and The Netherlands).  This enables us to deliver fast, and in bulk, where required across UKI and mainland Europe, plus also ensures that for those that need it we can provide the best support to help your marketing activity for this portfolio of products.

Own every moment

Airsys Professional Services

At Airsys we provide a Professional Services portfolio that you can call upon when needed, as we aim to make group communications smarter and safer.

Our Professional Services team, certified with the latest qualifications, are here to enhance your service offering.

Focus on your core business and allow Airsys to do the rest

Airsys X-Hire

Do you need something that is available now, flexible and can grow as you grow?

The Airsys X-Hire fleet is available for short-term and long-term hires, it contains a complete solution offering that includes the Motorola Solutions TLK100 with WAVE PTX, Airsys.Cloud Hire and Airsys.Cloud Smart Hire.

X-Hire from Airsys
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