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Airsys Professional Services | Kenwood

Optimise & Enhance

Radio Programming - With this service we will program any of the current supported radios if a codeplug is supplied to us.
Codeplug Creation - We will create from scratch an extended codeplug where radios are part of supported radio networks.
Duplexer Tuning (per unit) - We will retune any duplexer to a new set of frequencies proving it falls in the correct band.

Option Board configuration – With this service we will insert and program an option board which supports voice logging and other bespoke key features


We will provide technical training from our portfolio of training courses, either inhouse or remotely.

Professional Services Training

Support, Consult, Design & Delivery

Technical Support – Provided to dealers on products we sell or still with support by the Manufacturers.
This service is provided to answer technical questions such as features, parts, programming, and general troubleshooting.
System Design Service - We will consultdesign, and produce system documentation that will help win opportunities and aid in support. These reports can be branded as your own.
System Build Service - With this service we will physically build your system from the ground up, in suitable racks, with all cabling and connectors and all ancillaries like routers, switches and backup batteries.
Fleetmapping Service - Fleetmapping is a service whereby we decide on the most effective way to set up and program your system and subscriber radios. This includes number or channels, ID’s, call types, privacy etc.
Site Survey - We can conduct site surveys for partners which can include coverage mapping, determining equipment location, estimating cable types, cable run lengths etc.

Onsite Installation - With this service we can install a system that we prepared and configured, at your end user’s premises on your behalf. We will project manage the installation from start to finish.
Site Acceptance Test (SAT) - During SAT, the same tests will be carried out as with FAT, but at the customer’s premises after the system has been fully installed. After SAT signoff, the system can be handed over to the customer.
Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) - During FAT, we will run and test your system in a lab environment to simulate real world operation. All features and functions will be tested as if the system is used in the field. After FAT signoff, the system will be ready for installation.
DMR Repeater, Duplexer and PSU Package – UHF / VHF - With this service we will install a duplexer and PSU inside the Kenwood repeater, and program it to your specification.

KAS-10 Basic Dispatcher and Voice Recorder - The KAS-10 Dispatcher will be installed on a PC of your choice, configured, and connected to a donor radio compatible with your radio infrastructure.

KAS-20 Dispatcher and Voice Recorder - The KAS-20 Dispatcher will be installed on a PC of your choice and configured with either a donor radio, or wireline connection to your radio infrastructure.

NEXEDGE NXDN/DMR Trunking System - With this service we will design and build a Kenwood NEXEDGE NXDN or DMR Trunking system, ready for delivery in a fully working state.

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