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At Airsys, we are a complete

communication solutions


Throughout our 30 years history, 

we have refused to take the easy wait-and-see approach.

We have invested heavily in all areas of our business to support our partners through the continuing evolution of communications.

Airsys Values

Our values guide our business. They are the principles and
 priorities that remain constant in an ever-changing environment.

Warrior Spirit
Even though we work hard, we also work smart. We desire to be best, display a sense of urgency, persevere and innovate.
People at our Heart
People are our biggest asset. Personal development, supported by training and progression is key. We think big, share ideas for improvement, are open to change and always collaborative
Make an Impact
We know how important our work is, this is way we are consistently striving for strong performance in both delivery and results.
Spot on Judgement
Making wise decisions, show leadership, identify root causes, think strategically.
Organise for innovation
We are masters of our own destiny, proactive is better than reactive, strive for operational excellence, strive to simplify making something better today, out of efficiency comes innovation.
Fun Loving Attitude
At Airsys we maintain perspective, we celebrate success, enjoy our work and be a passionate team player.

Airsys Sustainability Program

At Airsys we understand the importance of sustainability and have been working hard across all areas of our business to operate in ways which are more environmentally friendly. We aim with our sustainability program to promote good working practices, reduce waste and increase the reuse and recycling of materials.

  • Recycling of office waste wherever possible
  • Employee education of sustainable practices
  • Reduction of paper use and other office consumable
  • Keeping energy usage low. For example, energy efficient lighting and ensuring computers are shut down after work.
  • More efficient virtual meeting tools 
  • Recycling of redundant office equipment
  • Working with partners who have their own sustainability program
  • The reuse of materials whenever possible
  • Recycling of old Motorola Solutions batteries
  • Airsys Head Office provided with 100% renewable electricity.
  • Reuse or Recycle Campaign (new)
  • Digital Christmas Cards 

Airsys Community

We want to help our communities grow

The Airsys Community is more than just an investment; it is our opportunity to work in partnership within communities to develop and build on key relationships and projects. Together we will work towards developing and improving areas which are important to the team at Airsys. Watch out for more Airsys Community ventures.

  • Mission Christmas- Cash For Kids
  • Foodbank Collection (2022)
  • Wear it Pink Day- Breast Cancer Now
  • Macmillan Coffee Morning
  • Better latte than never
  • Food bank donation (2021)

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