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Do you need a solution for an event, exhibition, festival or conference?

Airsys X-Hire is now available
It contains a complete solution offering that includes the Motorola Solutions TLK100 with WAVE PTX, Airsys.Cloud Hire and Airsys.Cloud Smart Hire.

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If you have any questions about Airsys X-Hire , want to discuss your requirements or simply wish to utilise our hire fleet, contact a skilled member of the Airsys sales team.


Hire TLK100 with WAVE PTX

An efficient LTE solution that caters for all your customer needs.

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Airsys.Cloud Hire

The Telo Systems TE300K provides instant LTE communication at speed.

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Airsys.Cloud Smart Hire

The Ultra Rugged TE590 is dedicated to a better Push-to-Talk experience.

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Hire from Airsys

All our equipment is maintained to the highest levels, and we only provide equipment that we are 
proud to put our name on.


In addition we have invested heavily in our stock, to increase our range and availability to 
meet the demands of our partners. 

  • Control your hire

  • Cost-effective

  • Add and remove services

  • Flexibility

  • High cleaning measures

  • No set up fees 

  • Use of the latest technology 

  • A solution to suit you 

  • Skilled consultants

  • No need to store equipment

  • Low risk

  • Use for training purposes

  • Full service support

  • Environmentally friendly

Airsys X-Hire: Festivals 
At the heart of any festival is the music, but its brain is the communications. Being able to communicate to everyone involved is vital in allowing the event to operate smoothly and efficiently.

While the operations team may be a permanent feature, other teams or suppliers may not and providing a device could be costly or impractical.

Hiring a ready-made solution may be the way forward. 
Airsys X-Hire: Sporting Events
Most sporting events are held sporadically or annually, often taking place over a short period of time with different teams over a large area needing to come together.

It is generally unfeasible for organisers of these events to buy devices outright with many users not having the technical skills to set up and maintain equipment based on the requirements needed.

Hiring a ready-made solution may be the way forward. 
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