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The Airsys technical team is a successful and forward thinking department who will become embedded in your solution design and implementation processes to create a clear strategy to ensure you gain a competitive edge. Our listen solve deliver methodology ensures we take the time to understand the issues you or your customers are facing. We then work with you to engineer a solution that incorporates hardware, software and services to solve the problem. The final stage is to deliver the solution with you in an effective way. 
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Technical Department

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Technical Support
Your priority is to keep your customers operational by resolving problems promptly. Airsys provide a highly reactive and skilled technical resource that you can call upon when needed.
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Technical Training
Airsys understand that in a niche market knowledge is the cornerstone of success. Our training courses are designed to expand understand for both sales and engineers alike.

Pre-sales Support
When you are successful so are we. It is a symbiotic relationship where supporting your sales activities with technical services helps to close sales opportunities.

Product Demonstration
In our rapidly changing market keeping on top of the latest technology can be a challenge. At Airsys we work closely with vendors to provide you with a platform to demonstration new solutions.

Onsite Support
From time to time you might need help onsite, whether it’s just an extra pair of skilled hands, or a technical specialist to resolve those tricky problems that elude you.

Resource Center
On demand 24/7 access to programming software, firmware, and service manuals for Motorola, Vertex Standard, Kenwood and Icom products. This area does require you to login first.
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