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Learning excels in the right environment

For students to get the most out classes they need to run smoothly and without disruption but that requires significant effort and co-ordination between background functions such as facilities, security and frontline teaching staff. 

Instant Communications

If there’s a breakage or an incident occurs there can be no delay in alerting those who can resolve the situation. Push-to-talk two-way radios provide instantaneous communications with extensive coverage and data capabilities to relay vital information.

Expand your communications

Group Communications

Rigorous co-ordination across multiple functions keeps classrooms running smoothly. WAVE PTX™ broadband push-to-talk is a group communications service that eliminates communication barriers by unifying different devices and networks onto one platform.

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Airsys Professional Services

At Airsys we provide a Motorola Solutions professional services portfolio that have been designed with you in mind that you can call upon when needed.

Professional Services
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